As a mental health professional, I am excited to be able to "prescribe" this book to clients who suffer with chronic self-doubt and self-criticism. This is not just another "self-help" book! In Confidence Beyond Measure, Dr. Bernard Sullivan shares his revolutionary insights into the underpinnings of self-confidence. He unveils an entirely new understanding of inborn confidence that most of us are unfortunately programmed to unconsciously suppress with self-doubt and self-criticism. Based on solid research, this book also provides a simple visualization program to help us stop suppressing our strongest belief in ourselves. Many thanks to Dr. Sullivan for this is a major contribution to the field of mental health, a revolutionary new look at neuroscience and evolutionary biology to recover inborn self-confidence!
Leanne L. Ware, Ph.D.
A great book! Dr. Sullivan is an incredibly talented writer. His book reads easily as if he were speaking directly to you. I got a lot out of it and bought 10 copies to give to friends.
Tim Trabon, CEO Trabon
Dr. Sullivan’s visualizations have increased my confidence immensely. His theory runs contrary to traditional self-help approaches, which may be exactly why it’s the only one that has ever worked for me—and I’ve tried them all.
Rita Arens, Senior Editor of and author of the young adult novel The Obvious Game.
You think you know why you feel or don't feel enough confidence, and then Confidence Beyond Measure clearly and concisely presents research that leads to a revolutionary way of seeing confidence as an instinctive survival strength and delivers simple, tested methods to help you stop unconsciously suppressing it. Drawing on his own sharp insights into the elusive mysteries of self-confidence, Sullivan expertly illuminates and helps you uncover your hidden confidence. Packed with revealing anecdotes, stories, and solutions, Confidence Beyond Measure is both a pleasure and an education. It's written in a simple, non-technical style and you will love feeling really good about yourself.
Carl V. Migliazzo, M.D.
A fascinating read combining enlightening theory with meticulously gathered clinical evidence, well-crafted exercises, and inspiring cases of people uncovering hidden confidence . . . a revolutionary, clinically-tested approach that can change your life.
Charles L. Sheridan, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Psychology Department, University of Missouri – Kansas City, author of five books, including Health Psychology, and the blog,
A fascinating new theory that shatters everything you know about self-confidence and introduces a new kind of inborn confidence. It offers a sound and practical visualization program that could dramatically increase your self-confidence and success. This revolutionary book discards the classic and anemic "I think I can" and instead helps you find and release your deepest most empowering belief, "I can and I will."
Audrey Seeley